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Terms & Conditions

Texas Pie Company Shipping Terms & Conditions

We ship our pies fresh (never frozen) from our bakery in Kyle, Texas via US Postal Service, Priority Mail.  We recommend you notify the recipient to be watching their mailbox, or mail carrier for delivery to ensure the quality of their perishable item.  Shipments are processed through the US Postal Service, Click-n-Ship online system.  The address you provide in your order must be accepted by the system as a deliverable address.  Texas Pie Company will contact you via email or telephone to report an "undeliverable address", but we will not be responsible for delays caused by this.  We will work with the sender to determine a deliverable address or make arrangements for alternative shipping methods if required.  Extra fees may be required for alternative shipping methods (UPS, FedEx).

Though the Post Office does not guarantee a delivery date, they usually deliver Priority Mail in 2 or 3 business days - depending on the distance.  For this reason We prefer to ship pies on Monday through Wednesday to avoid having these fresh pies sitting somewhere between Texas Pie Company and their destination over the weekend. We will consider shipping pies later in the week on an individual basis and contact the sender to discuss the most desirable timing.

We will include your message on a plain white cardstock.  If you wish to provide your insert, ie. business card, greeting card, or other item, it is your responsibility to provide those two days before your shipments go out.

PICKUP ORDERS - For pick up orders please allow 24 hours after your receive confirmation.

LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES - Texas Pie Company is not responsible for packages lost or stolen after delivery confirmation is posted at www.usps.com  Again, we highly recommend you inform the recipient to be watching for the arrival of the package.

SHIPMENT DELAYS - We have had great success with shipping our pies fresh through the Postal Service, but there's nothing we can do once the pie is out of our hands.   For this reason, Texas Pie Company will not be responsible for delays resulting from bad weather, heavy volume, or other factors over which we have no control.

REFUNDS - If a pie is received damaged as a result of our packaging, or is in some way inferior in quality, Texas Pie Company will do our best to satisfy the customers claim.  We may require proof (by photo of the product and/or package), and we reserve the final decision on whether to issue a refund or provide a replacement.

CANCELLATIONS - Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the 9 AM, Central Time of the shipping date.