Fruit Pies

Real Fruit Goodness in a Crust

Made from Scratch
All our pie crusts and fillings are made in our kitchen from Scratch.  We use no fillers or artificial flavors or colors.  The fruit we use is “instant quick frozen” and contains no syrups or preservatives.  We like to top the fruity fillings with our own buttery crumb topping, but we will top them with a lattice-work or closed dough topping upon request.

Our selection includes:

Dutch Apple – Granny Smith apples and Cinnamon with dutch crumb topping

Apple Lattice – Same Apple/Cinnamon filling with a lattice-work of our fresh dough

Cherry – Tart Cherries with sugar

Blueberry – Sweet Blueberries with cinnamon

Blackberry – Slightly tart Blackberries with cinnamon

Peach – Juicy peaches with a touch of cinnamon

Strawberry Peach – Peaches and Cinnamon with a handful of luscious strawberries

Strawberry Rhubarb – Midwest American Classic, Rhubarb w/ luscious strawberries

 Whole Pie:  $14.50
4″ Individual Pie:  $3.75

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TPC2 IMG1972 (blueberry), TPC2 IMG 1953 (cherry), TPC2 IMG 1951 (apple)